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Calluses in Allen Park

Podiatry office in Allen Park
Podiatry office in Allen Park

Calluses, growths on your feet, are your body’s reaction to friction, typically with your shoes. They can cause significant discomfort, and fortunately at the practice of Scott Grodman, you can achieve relief from them.

Sometimes, people use the terms corn and callus interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing, even if they are similar in their appearance and what they do. Here’s how you can tell the difference: a callus is usually grayish or yellowish in color, and is hard, dry, and thick. In contrast, corns can be soft or hard. If it’s soft, you know for sure that it’s a callus. If it’s hard, look for a yellow outer ring, which is a sign that you have a corn. Treatment for calluses is done at our podiatry office in Allen Park. The best way to address them will depend on several factors, including how much of a problem it is for you. In mild cases, you might be able to simply switch to roomier and more comfortable shoes and that will allow the callus to subside on its own. You may also soak the foot in warm water. Among other treatment options are orthotics, toe separators, and protective pads. You can also have the callus trimmed at our podiatry office in Allen Park. Corns can be treated with the same types of methods, incidentally. It is highly recommended that once your callus (or corn) goes away, that you take the appropriate action to see to it that the problem does not recur. The best way to do this is to immediately take stock of your footwear and assess which need to go or should be worn only sparingly. You may like a particular pair for how they look, but if they’re leading to complications such as calluses, they are most certainly not worth it.

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