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Allen Park Foot Treatment

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Treating Calluses in Allen Park

Some foot problems are uncomfortable, and others are simply cosmetic issues. With calluses, they are typically both. Fortunately, you can depend on our podiatrist, Scott Grodman, for our Allen Park foot treatment. The good news is that calluses are not a major threat to your health, and methods for dealing with them are relatively simple, and very effective.

What exactly is the nature of a callus, how do they develop, and what can be done about them? Typically, it’s a piece of the skin on your foot that turns gray or yellow color, and becomes hard, thick, and dry. Some of the common reasons why you may get a callus include friction between your foot and your shoes, walking in an awkward way, and uncomfortable, poorly fitted shoes. When they first develop, you may not find that it is bothering you at all. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about it. After all, your body is trying to protect your skin by forming the callus, so ignoring the problem is only likely to make it worse or have it recur. If your level of discomfort is not too bad, it’s worth trying to soak the foot in warm water. Some of the possibilities among our Allen Park foot treatment options are orthotics (shoe inserts) toe separators, and protective pads. You can also have the callus trimmed here. Even before it goes away, you should re-evaluate your footwear, and make sure that you are primarily wearing the type that will not make future calluses appear. In the end, it’s rarely worth risking calluses just to wear shoes that you like. It shouldn’t be difficult to find choices that are both attractive and supportive.

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