Allen Park ingrown toenail

Allen Park Ingrown Toenail

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Treating ingrown toenails in Allen Park

When you toenail grows into the skin surrounding it, instead of over it, you end up with an ingrown toenail. Having one can cause various effects, which you can have dealt with here at the podiatry practice of Scott Grodman.

You can develop an Allen Park ingrown toenail on any of your toes, but it’s your big toe that is most prone. Part of the reason is that it rests against your footwear and tends to have pressure put on it, especially so if your shoes are tight around the toe areas. It’s highly recommended that you get shoes that has sufficient space between the tip and your longest toe. Other ways to avoid an Allen Park ingrown toenail is to trim your nails squarely and be sure not to cut them too short. Don’t round off the edges. If your nails are particularly thick or curved, there is an increased chance of them becoming ingrown, though there isn’t much you can do about that. Those who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or vascular problems should self-check often, because not only might the pain of an ingrown nail be difficult to feel, but complications are also more likely to occur. The effects can range from simply bothersome to massively painful. It can become difficult to even put on your socks and shoes. Our foot doctor will discuss possible treatment options with you, up to and including the possibility of removing the nail. If that becomes necessary, be assured that the nail will grow back, but it will take several months to do so completely.

Your Allen Park ingrown toenail should be taken care of in a timely manner. Don’t risk infection and further difficulty. Contact our office right now and set up a prompt appointment to come in.

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