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Allen Park Foot Care

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Hammertoes are typically painful, and can ultimately make it difficult to impossible to do so much as put on your shoes. Don’t suffer needlessly. At the podiatry practice of Scott Grodman, you’ll get the treatment necessary to achieve relief and restore your toe to its normal state.

What causes a hammertoe in the first place? The curling of your toe into the flexed position where it remains stuck is due to pressure exerted on the tendons or joints, making it bend. Most often, it is the effects of footwear that is too tight, squeezing the toes and causing the stress that leads you to our Allen Park foot care. High heels in particular are closely linked with the occurrence of hammertoes. And because of this, women get it more often than men. Arthritis or a genetic predisposition can make it more likely that you’ll sustain one. When you come in for our Allen Park foot care, our podiatrist will determine if your hammertoe is flexible or rigid. As these designations indicate, one retains some movement to it while the other has none at all. Each is treated differently. A flexible hammertoe will usually respond well to the placement of a shoe orthotic to take the pressure of the tendon or joint. The result is that your toe will regain its normal movement. Depending on severity, you may need oral medication or cortisone shots. Rigid hammertoes nearly always need surgery to correct the problem. Our Allen Park foot care is performed in our office, with no hospital stay required.

You don’t need anyone to tell you when you have a hammertoe. It’s obvious by sight and by feel. Take advantage of the expertise and experience that our Allen Park foot care is known for by reaching out to our office to schedule a prompt appointment.

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