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Ankle pain is a common problem that many people seek treatment for. The cause of ankle pain can stem from many different symptoms and issues. Bursitis, problems with the achilles tendon and arthritis can all cause pain and soreness in the foot area. Injury to the ankle bone or ligament can also cause issues with pain. At the offices of Scott Grodman, our Royal Oak best podiatrist treats foot injuries, ankle pain, tendinitis and more in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Achilles tendinitis, a common foot condition, usually starts with a dull ache above the heel or in lower leg. It may happen after an activity that combines running or using the feet, and may get worse after climbing stairs, sprinting, running or excessive walking. The pain and soreness may be worse in the morning but start to feel better after mild activity. If the pain becomes persistent and severe, and doesn’t seem to be letting up over time, call our Royal Oak best podiatrist for an appointment. The Achilles tendon is a band of tissue that connects the calf muscles of the lower back of the leg to the heel. Runners and sports enthusiasts often have problems with this muscle. If you have recently increased the intensity of your running or sports, you may begin to have problems with the Achilles tendon. Those who are middle aged and play sports like basketball are more at risk for it as well.
If you find you are suffering from ankle pain or Achilles tendon pain, we may be able to help with easy at home treatment suggestions and care by our Royal Oak best podiatrist. It is imperative that the patient follow instructions and perform the treatment methods in order to have success in healing the afflicted area. If the Achilles tendon tears, it may require surgery and a longer healing period.

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