Bunion in Hazel Park

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Bunions aren’t very big, but they can cause a lot of pain due. They’re caused by an excess of pressure on your big toe joint, leading to the formation of a bony protrusion. If you have a bunion in Hazel Park, Dr. Grodman can treat it and provide you with the relief you seek.

Bunion in Hazel Park

The reason for having too much pressure on your big toe joint can be traced back to poor-fitting shoes, such as high-heels or any footwear that is too tight around the toes. Flat feet or walking improperly can also result in having a bunion in Hazel Park. Not all bunions are painful. Some may be just bothers. But in some cases, the pain can be severe and you may find it difficult or even impossible to walk with one. The type of treatment that will be recommended for a bunion will depend on various factors including just how much pain you are in. For mild cases, you may only need to make some lifestyle changes. Change your shoes to ones that are more comfortable. You can use bunion pads or arch supports to redistribute the weight on your foot. This is a very effective method of reducing the pressure, and along with it, the pain. Surgery is not usually needed for treating a bunion in Hazel Park, but if less invasive methods are not sufficient to eliminate the pain, or if you have a problem with recurring bunions, it may be an option to consider. Whenever you have a bunion, you should get examined by Dr. Grodman. They don’t generally go away on their own and there is a tendency for them to grow worse and for the discomfort to increase with time.

Our podiatrist is a specialist when it comes to foot issues, and treating bunions is one of them. Put your confidence in Dr. Grodman. Call our office and let us schedule a convenient appointment for you.

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